As of July 2022, Mixim is no longer operational.

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Mixim is the fastest way in the world
to make music remotely.
The fastest way in the world
to make music remotely.
Get Mixim now
Get Mixim now

Make music anywhere.

Mixim is a software tool for remote collaboration between musicians, producers and sound engineers. We sync your Logic Pro projects with people you want to make music with.

Mixim allows you to make music in ways you never could. It’s integrated with the tools you already use - Logic Pro and the Mac, and it’s blazing fast so you can work on ideas together straight away.

Everything in one place
One-click access to all your projects and who you’re working with.
Always up to date
Mixim automatically syncs your projects so you don’t have to think about it.
Mixim is the fastest way to collaborate on music - we’re 10x faster than Dropbox!

Stay creative.

Mixim lets you work together, wherever you are.

Two quality modes for speed and perfect audio.

Speed mode
Your projects start in speed mode.

Speed mode transfers projects 10X faster than sending a normal file. We use the same compression format as iTunes to deliver fast collaboration when you need it most, at the start of the process.

Lossless mode
Want a full-res bounce of your masterpiece? Switch to Lossless.

Lossless mode syncs projects with full quality audio, while still being 2X faster than Dropbox. This is perfect for all you audio quality junkies out there!

“Mixim lets us work naturally and
stay creative; in the studio, at home
or on tour.”

Multi-million streamed breakthrough artist

“We’re really excited about how our artists can use Mixim to work with anyone around the world, faster than ever before.”

Ministry of Sound
Global independent record label

“Our students can now collaborate and develop their skills wherever they are.”

PointBlank Music School
International music production college

The Mixim team

Mixim is a clever little product
built by these chaps

Joe Rickerby
Founder & Developer
Ben Pawle
Founder & Designer
Alex Latham
Mike Leach