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Shutdown notice To Mixim users, I'm sad to announce that the Mixim service will be shutting down on the 11th April 2022. Once Mixim shuts down, your Mixim projects will remain on your computer, but the Mixim app will stop working, and projects will no longer sync. After this date, your project data will be deleted from our servers, so make sure that you've got everything downloaded before the shutdown date in two months - 11th April 2022. --- Q: Why can't you leave it running indefinitely? A: Keeping Mixim running costs me money for server, storage and bandwidth costs. In my experience, these bills don't tend to go down over time! Actually I had planned to shut it down in early 2020, but, err, I figured it would be nice to keep it running for musicians in lockdown :) Q: But why don't you just charge for the service to make it worth your while? A: I wish it were that easy, but running a business is a lot more than paying the hosting bills. I already work full-time for a consultancy I cofounded called Nord Projects, so I no longer have the time to run Mixim as a business. Q: What can I use instead? A: There are a lot of options for sharing these days. iCloud Drive supports sharing folders, and that's built into macOS. There are also 3rd party services, like Splice, Dropbox, or Google Drive. --- On a personal note, Mixim was a great project for me, and I'm happy to see that it has helped thousands of people make music over the past 5 years. I'd like to thank all the people along the way who helped Mixim become a thing. Onward, Joe